5 reasons to consider an IPVPN solution

5 reasons to consider an IPVPN solution

Neill Hughes, Director of Direct Channel

Neill Hughes, Director of Direct Channel

When it comes to selecting the right networking and communications solution for your business, there are a number of options to choose from. At a time when the amount of data traffic being handled by businesses in all sectors is on the rise, it's increasingly important to select the right options for your needs.

One technology that you should consider is MPLS IPVPN. This can help your company securely connect multiple sites and provide fast, flexible networking performance.

But are you sure that this is right for you? Here are five increasingly common scenarios where having an IPVPN solution can give a great boost to your business. If you recognise one or more of them, this technology could well be the answer to your needs.

1. Your growing business needs more flexibility

As your business grows, the need to add extra capacity and new capabilities becomes essential to support your expansion. An IPVPN solution is easily able to support this, as it enables businesses to add a large number of endpoints when needed and make changes to reflect shifting business requirements. This means you can scale up a growing business without hassle. IPVPN can facilitate technology shifts, as new services evolve and move to the internet, your organisation will be "Cloud Ready".

2. You need to send traffic between multiple sites securely

IPVPN is perfect for businesses that have multiple locations and need to transfer data between these sites. Using options such as the open internet for such transfers leaves you at risk of increased latency, as well as having data intercepted or leaving your network exposed. However, IPVPN technology allows your business to consolidate traffic including voice, video and data and send it securely, at high speed, wherever it needs to go - including home workers.

3. You rely heavily on collaborative tools

The ability to share data quickly and securely is vital for any business that has a heavy reliance on collaborative tools. Any delays or disruptions to these activities can have a serious impact on your business's productivity. The technology guarantees a reliable, resilient service and ensures there's always bandwidth available for demanding applications such as high-definition video-conferencing.

4. You need a private network solution on limited resources

A private networking solution is now a requirement for many businesses - but the expenses that are associated with this can be significant. However, IPVPN solutions can be implemented without major capital investment. With the right provider, who has the required reach and product set, your company can connect individual sites securely at much lower cost using IPVPN technology. Opting for a solution that includes monitoring services also helps provide you with the information you need to optimise your network at the lowest cost.

5. You have to connect solutions such as electronic POS

The security that IPVPN provides is also especially useful to enterprises such as retailers that need to connect devices including point-of-sale terminals, Chip and PIN machines and stock management tools to their network. For these companies, IPVPN is often the most cost-effective, reliable and secure way to ensure these essential functions work effectively. IPVPN allows users to prioritise key types of data, you can be sure these areas are given the focus they need.

If one or more of these situations ring true for your business, we are here to help. Find out more about our IPVPN solution here.


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