Can you afford to ignore your MPLS IPVPN Network?

Can you afford to ignore your MPLS IPVPN Network?

Jon Nowell,  Head of Technology Strategy

Jon Nowell, Head of Technology Strategy

Today, every business is a digital business. As demand for new technology services grows, enterprises will find themselves under pressure to ensure that they offer their staff the fastest, most reliable experience possible in order to keep them connected at all times.

If companies are still struggling with outdated networks, they will find it difficult to take advantage of key trends such as cloud computing, mobile working and hybrid IT environments.

Therefore, many companies will need to overhaul their networks in order to remain competitive. One solution that's set for huge growth in popularity over the next few years is MPLS IPVPN.

So what is MPLS IPVPN?

MPLS IPVPN is a solution that can unite geographically diverse sites and homeworkers through a reliable and secure private network. It’s ideal for businesses that need a secure way to connect sites that require high-volume data transfer. The solution uses a choice of access technologies from Broadband to Ethernet.

A booming market – meeting the needs of businesses

Several recent forecasts have predicted a bright future for the MPLS IPVPN market, as more enterprises recognise the need for secure, reliable multi-site connectivity. For instance, Frost and Sullivan* has predicted that in Europe alone, the technology is set to be worth $14.63 billion (£10.18 billion) by 2020, more than double the $7.02 billion recorded in 2014.

Meanwhile, research has noted that a convergence of video, voice, and data on a single platform from different sources will be one of the key drivers of MPLS IPVPN adoption. The ability to provide scalable bandwidth is also expected to encourage growth in the market.

So in reality what benefits can businesses expect to see as a result of moving to an MPLS IPVPN networking solution?

High quality of service

A key positive of MPLS IPVPN is the high level of service on offer. The technology guarantees that high volumes of data can be transferred quickly and efficiently, while the traffic prioritisation ensures that mission-critical applications such as videoconferencing or cloud tools can be delivered securely, without interruption or lag.

This is something that will be vital as more businesses - particularly large, multi-location firms - move away from on-premises solutions and towards cloud and hybrid environments.

"Secure access to cloud services is central to ensuring reliable cloud environments," said Frost and Sullivan analyst Shuba Ramkumar. "Being a managed private network, MPLS/IP VPN is the preferred mode of cloud connectivity for enterprises."

Consolidate your network

MPLS IPVPN solutions enable enterprises to consolidate data, voice and video under one package, which can be easily scaled up when required. This can help businesses gain a greater degree of control over their solutions, which will be vital at a time when bandwidth requirements are climbing and sprawling, hard-to-manage networks are taking over many companies.

Being able to optimise your network in this way also has cost implications. By bringing all crucial activities under one banner and ensuring that companies are only paying for the services they use, businesses can greatly reduce the expenses associated with operating and maintaining their network.

A solution for the future

For large enterprises with complex networking requirements, MPLS IPVPN can provide the tools they need to make their operations a success for years to come - and can be tailored to the businesses' needs, rather than the company having to alter the way it works to incorporate the limitations of their IT.

Businesses can choose from a variety of access technologies and securely add individual sites to their network, allowing users to take advantage of web-based applications wherever they are. As more business processes are set to shift to these solutions in the coming years, having robust, reliable networks to handle this will be vital to success.

Here at TalkTalk Business we are committed to offering the best MPLS IPVPN solutions in the market. We have over 20 years of expertise, from technical consultants to network specialists, who can review your network and offer bespoke packages tailored for you. To find out more visit our MPLS IPVPN page.


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