Facing up to a new (virtual) reality in the office

Facing up to a new (virtual) reality in the office

Jon Nowell, Head of Technology Strategy

Jon Nowell, Head of Technology Strategy

At the end of the month we’ll be back at IP EXPO Manchester. This event is always a good chance to see what emerging technologies and business IT trends might impact your organisation, and to chat informally about what you can do to stay ahead.

Our team of tech and innovation experts are excited to meet delegates from forward-thinking businesses and walk you through the latest solutions to the challenges facing your business – from Ethernet to IP Voice telephony.

TalkTalk Business Virtual RealityThis year, we’ll also be hosting a virtual reality (VR) experience that takes you away from the conference into an entirely new, immersive reality with the help of a dedicated HTC Vive headset.

IDC predicts that by 2020 the VR and augmented reality markets will reach $162 billion– suggesting huge potential for the technology. This will mostly remain in the consumer space, but where the consumer market goes, the workplace often follows. As VR experiences continue to improve throughout 2017, the prospects for meaningful business applications improve with it. In tourism for example, VR is already enabling ‘look before you book’ VR experiences to drive sales.

But beyond the hype of this exciting immersive technology there is a serious business issue to consider: the pressure of VR traffic on communications networks. Did you know that VR requires about five times as much bandwidth as HDTV? Not to mention very low latency to support an immersive experience. The technology will also have a significant impact on digital storage requirements.

Whether you’ve actively thought about introducing VR to your customer experience or not, there has never been greater bandwidth strain for businesses. VR is just one many emerging technologies that will put more demand than ever on business networks: Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, 4K video to name a few.

For our part, TalkTalk Business is constantly investing in our network so that it’s ready for the technologies of tomorrow and can handle the ever-increasing growth in bandwidth demand that rich traffic will place on networks. VR is a bit of fun for now, but make sure it doesn’t become a serious headache tomorrow.

Be one of the first to hear about how we can future proof your business by visiting us at stand N344.

Join Jon at IP EXPO Manchester

He will be offering more insight into the 5 questions you should be asking your network team, come along and find out more. Seminar details below:

The 5 questions you should be asking your network team
Jon Nowell, Product Innovation at TalkTalk Business
Wednesday 26th April at 3pm
Theatre: Cloud & Mobility


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