Improving communication and change management

Improving communication and change management

Danny Sullivan, Director of Enterprise Service Management

Danny Sullivan, Director of Enterprise Service Management

TalkTalk Business Configuration Management Database

Over the last 12 months through blogs and events like our Symposium, we have shared with you our plans for some major enhancements that we are making to our Next Generation Network.

This 'Network Brilliance' programme ensures that our network supports the digital growth of UK business now and in the future. But of course, with these major enhancements also comes change, and from your feedback in our Voice of the Customer programme, we know we need to improve our change management processes and communication. So we are!

In the past few months we have completed the initial roll-out of a new, robust configuration management database (CMDB) working in partnership with BMC, leveraging their Atrium hosted software service.

A CMDB enables us to match up real technology active in our network to our online inventory; it seamlessly maps our network end to end, from a customer circuit right back to the core cabling.

With the better visibility this brings, we are transforming how we notify customers and Partners of changes and incidents on the TalkTalk network, as well as the potential impact to their businesses.

We are rolling-out the database in stages to ensure a smooth implementation, with the project coming to completion in the coming months. The feedback we have received from the customers and Partners involved in testing this first phase of the project has been very encouraging in terms of the improved accuracy of change management notifications. Not only do they have better awareness of any network changes and issues specifically affecting the exchanges they are linked to, they also have an improved ability to evaluate what would happen if a given network change took place.

Why this investment matters

The greater insight that the new CMDB is bringing is allowing us to improve the detail and accuracy of our service communications.

This ensures the information being communicated to you is clearer, simpler for you to deal with and ultimately, will help to reduce your cost of ownership.

We will keep you updated on the CMDB project and look forward to hearing your feedback. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about the CMDB project or about our Voice of the Customer programme, contact your Account Manager or send us an email.