If 2020 showed us anything, it was how important loyalty and customer relationships are to every business. At TalkTalk Business, we’re passionate about customer service and aim to put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to deliver the right solution and a great experience to every customer, and we’re constantly looking for ways to streamline our processes, improve our service and always be focused on our customers.

We strive to always deliver for each and every customer and take their experiences seriously, and this is reflected in our Trustpilot rating. We’re currently rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.7 – better than any other Tier-1 internet provider. With UK-based telephone support available 24/7/365 for anything you may need and 90% of our service centre calls resolved in one conversation, our customer support is just as reliable as our connectivity! 

So how do we deliver ‘Excellent’ customer service? It’s simple. We focus on the things that truly matter to our business: our customers, our people, and our network. 

        1. Our customers

Our number one priority is you, our customer, and we really care about delivering the best service possible. Like every person, every business is different, and we believe that in order to provide excellent customer service, it’s important to understand every customer’s unique requirements. We have a simple, effective, and quick communication model which is key to our ‘just right’ approach. 

Our ‘just right’ approach involves understanding your current needs and your plans for the future, and building a solution that’s right for you and can grow with your business. Whether you need simple connectivity or a fully managed package, we always try to deliver best-fit solutions for every customer, at the best price available. Because we know you want connectivity and solutions that just work.

We’re straightforward, honest and ethical, but don’t just take our word for it. We have over 5,000 Trustpilot reviews, so if you’d like to read some of our thousands of 5* reviews for yourself, you can see what our customers had to say about us here.

But it’s not just the positive feedback we’re interested in. We take customer complaints very seriously, which is why if our customers feel our service has fallen below the level they expect, then we encourage them to let us know about it, so we can make it right.

        2.Our people

Excellent customer service starts with the people providing it, and at TalkTalk Business, we’re constantly investing in our colleagues to ensure they’ve got everything they need to successfully resolve any customer service issues they might face.

We’re a people-driven organisation, so the growth and development of our employees is important to us, not only because this helps us achieve our broader business objectives, but because we want our people to enjoy being a part of TalkTalk and to feel proud of the work they do here. That’s why we invest heavily in the training of our people to create a multi-skilled cross functional department and an agile working environment for our people to thrive through empowerment and trust.

        3. Our network

With the nation’s internet usage steadily rising both in and out of the office, we’re doing everything we can to keep the UK connected. We’ve already got one of the UK’s largest networks, and we continue to invest heavily in this space to accommodate increased bandwidth demands as well as ensuring we have the most cost effective and reliable network for our customers. We’re committed to extending our reach of high-speed connectivity solutions, so our customers can reap the benefits of the superior service, value and access that the next generation of connectivity provides.

With that in mind, we’re building some exciting strategic partnerships to expand our collection of network providers. By using alternative networks, we can be scalable and offer the right connectivity at the right price. We recently announced our new partnership with City Fibre, the UK's largest alternative provider of fibre connectivity and builder of Gigabit cities. This partnership supports our ambition of levelling up the UK, ensuring that more businesses across the country can benefit from faster and more reliable connectivity.


We hope this has given you some insight into our approach to customer service. If you’d like to speak to one of our helpful advisors about anything mentioned in then blog then call 03451729980 or email enterprisesales@talktalkbusiness.co.uk