The road to success: How digital solutions are whipping the logistics industry into shape

The road to success: How digital solutions are whipping the logistics industry into shape

The road to success: How digital solutions are whipping the logistics industry into shape

 Digital solutions will play a major role in the evolution of the logistics industry in 2022 and beyond. But what are the key solutions helping businesses to create modern, future-proofed logistics strategies?

Here, we take a quick look at the developing industry landscape and highlight some of the trending technological approaches that can truly help build resilience for your logistics company.

Bouncing back from the brink

As in many industries, the global pandemic sent a shockwave through the logistics sector. However, unlike some of the more long-suffering economic areas such as retail and hospitality, the transport and logistics industry was able to bounce back quite rapidly, as demand for goods and services dramatically increased.

According to a report by Statista, the global container shipping market alone is forecast to grow at an annual rate of over four per cent until 2027. The market is also predicted to increase in value from £6.4 billion to £8.8 billion by that same year. From this, it’s clear to see how the sheer volume of trade taking place makes it unfeasible to continue relying on outdated and conventional approaches to transport and logistics. The age of digitalisation and technology is reshaping industries across the board – and this sector is no different.

One of the main learnings that logistics businesses can take from the pandemic is that processes must operate far more efficiently. Managing risks and future-proofing operations will be critical for those who want not only to survive, but thrive. Future success will require improved agility, as well as visibility of door-to-door transport operations. And what better way to do this than through the power of digital logistics solutions?

A brave new world

The pandemic made a compelling case for digitising major elements of logistics operations, mainly to reduce in-person interactions. However, the crisis exposed the potential perils of going digital too – namely cybersecurity risks. Failure to put protective processes in place can lead to supply chains being critically affected, and customer trust crumbling. Despite the risks of implementing digital solutions into the logistics and transport world, the potential benefits far outweigh the dangers, as long as they are managed properly.

So, what are some of the more effective digital solutions that logistics businesses are turning to? We take a quick look at some of the trending approaches for 2022 and how they can help your transport enterprise to perform better.

Natural language processing (NLP)

This form of artificial intelligence (AI) has been found to significantly improve the way logistics organisations function, through the analysis of large amounts of natural language data.  NLP helps companies keep a check on their financial processing through identifying errors or irregularities by the close examination of invoice data. Not only can this technology help your logistics company save on overheads, but it also allows for improved freight planning and more efficient resource distribution.

Autonomous vehicles

It’s undeniable that autonomous vehicles are becoming more prevalent within the logistics industry, and some have boldly predicted that one day soon, the transport of the future will be fully autonomous. Although autonomous lorries haven't quite yet been brought into the supply chain for the transportation of goods, we do see automated vehicles such as forklifts being commonly used. It’s definitely worth watching this space in 2022 and keeping an eye on how this technology develops.

The use of blockchain

Blockchain technology has proven to be massively beneficial in the world of transport logistics, simply by checking the history of various goods carriers and suppliers. The decentralised technology of blockchain ensures a completely secure exchange of key information through the help of smart contracts. These can reduce the risk of fraud, as well as reduce the possibility of mistakes and bottlenecks. Smart contracts can save companies a great deal of time and money too. This trend is one to watch in 2022, as more and more logistics companies are having their heads turned by the long list of blockchain benefits.

Cloud-based systems

Cloud technology is one of the biggest trends in the transport industry right now. By including cloud-based technology in transportation and logistics management, organisations can achieve massively enhanced operational efficiency. Cloud computing helps businesses when it comes to real-time vehicle tracking and logistics space planning. These systems also mean key data can be accessible to your entire team, regardless of the location or time.

Sustainability software

Industries like logistics and transport have a responsibility - and increasingly an obligation - to look for solutions that mitigate their environmental impact. With that in mind, there are certain solutions that can be put into place to minimise the environmental impact of your operation. One of the key ways to make a difference is through implementing software programs that can help to balance loads and accurately calculate your overall carbon footprint. Knowing exactly how much pollution is being created by your company’s logistics efforts is the first step towards creating a more sustainable business model. This type of software will also make it easier to plan more sustainable transportation routes and loads.

So, as we can see – there’s a lot in store for the future of transport logistics, and we’ve only scratched the surface here. It’s clear that this industry, like so many others, is moving in a decidedly digital direction, with more effort, investment and resources being ploughed into clever technical solutions that can enhance productivity and performance. As a result, it’s never been more important to have expert support from a trusted network supplier that can pull out all the stops to underpin your evolving digital strategy. 

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