The New Business Wi-Fi Hub:

Putting our best-ever Wi-Fi router at the heart of your business

Through COVID-19, the UK economy has relied heavily on internet connectivity and online retail to keep businesses operational. In fact, the TalkTalk Business network handled a 30% increase in demand for internet and video, as businesses shifted to remote working and e-commerce, as well as a 10% jump in voice traffic.

Improving Remote Working

As businesses acclimatise to these new norms of remote-working, both office and home connections need to support bandwidth-hungry video calling and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that have now become indispensable.

To support this shift in business demands, TalkTalk Business has launched its best-ever Business Wi-Fi Hub - designed for businesses who need high-performing connectivity.

Optimised for TalkTalk Business’ Superfast Fibre network, the new Business Wi-Fi Hub can support up to 50 devices connected at one time. This means that offices and home-workers that share their connections with family members, can connect all their devices without having to worrying about overloading the router.

Also, MU-MIMO and beamforming technology help to pinpoint devices and boost the router’s signal, meaning faster, more reliable wireless speeds.

“Our new TalkTalk Business Wi-Fi hub is perfect for businesses looking to optimise their network performance and put their operation in the best position for economic recovery as businesses adapt to their new norms of working.” Lee Hull, Managing Director, TalkTalk Business

FTTP – The New Connectivity Standard

But, that’s not all we’ve been up to. We recently introduced Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) services for our customers and we expect FTTP to become the new connectivity standard for the future, especially for homeworkers.

With service speeds reaching up (and past) 1 Gbps in certain areas, we’re providing the new Business Wi-Fi Hub as standard with all new Fibre packages. Not only to ensure that we serve our business customers with high performance, stable and reliable services, but to also ensure businesses have room to grow, without having to replace hardware, as their networking needs increase.

Enabling Proactive Connectivity Support

What’s more, our new partnership with ASSIA enables us to discover even more operational improvements for our customers who use our new Business Wi-Fi Hub, through network analysis and optimisation, as well as ongoing monitoring of end-user LAN performance.

This means we can optimise routing within our network and we also have an insight into the customers’ network performance, for both wireless and wired connections. This allows us to support our customers more proactively and advise them around how they can get the most out of their connectivity. The next phase of this will be to add this visibility into Support Centre, for our customers to view these details themselves, so watch out for more info soon!

Discover the Full Range of Networking Options

By developing the new Wi-Fi Business Hub, we have even more networking options for our customers, including some specifically for homeworkers, meaning connectivity becomes one less thing for businesses to worry about. Check out our Fibre services to discover how you could benefit from Fibre, or speak to your Account manager for more information.