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Cyber Security Webinar

Cyber Security Webinar

Webinar Overview

In July, we held our Cyber Security Briefing via webinar. The purpose of the briefing was to share TalkTalk's lessons learnt following the cyber attack we experienced in 2015. We also announced that in conjunction with Vanson Bourne and Juniper Research, we will be releasing a Cyber Security white paper which we hope will help you to raise awareness in your business.

What you will take away from the recording:

  • Why 'Are you safe?' is not the right question to ask.
  • Why cyber security is genuinely a business issue.
  • What is the potential impact of a cyber attack to your business.
  • What your businesses can do to mitigate a cyber attack - NIST framework (Plan, Defend, Detect, Respond and Recover).

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