Join us in making the climate crisis history

Join TalkTalk Business’ Managing Director, Jonathan Kini

as he shares his thoughts and advice at the BiTC webinar on Thursday 12th Nov


Tackling the climate crisis needs all of us to take action – at home, at work and in our communities. Employers have huge potential to encourage and support people to act. From transferring learning on behaviour change from other issues and mobilising employee pension investments, to finding ways to incentivise and reward innovation from teams and individuals, and helping boost wellbeing and resilience through access to nature.

There are so many ways that businesses can make a difference and time is of the essence if we are to make an impact.


This week, Business in the Community (BiTC) is hosting five webinars over five days, each focused on different areas where businesses can make a real difference in combatting the effects of climate change. As part of this series, on Thursday 12th November at 12pm our Managing Director Jonathan Kini will be sharing his views at the BiTC Challenge 2030 ‘Make the Climate Crisis History: People’ webinar. He will be providing insight into what we are doing within TalkTalk and discussing how businesses can get involved, no matter whether this is already high on their agenda or they’re just looking to bring this to the table.


Here at TalkTalk Business, we’re extremely proud to support the country’s move to net zero and we’re driven to evolve our operations and ensure we’re constantly devising new ways to ensure we play our part in helping the UK to decarbonise.


During Jonathan’s time as Chair of the Business in the Community's Net Zero Carbon Taskforce, he has worked closely its brilliant team of cross industry leaders and has been proud to witness great momentum building around the contribution from UK business in support of this movement.


At TalkTalk Business, we feel we all have a part to play in sharing our learnings, experiences and advice to ensure this growth continues. Tackling climate change is a critical issue that affects us all and we’d strongly encourage all UK businesses to get involved, so that together we can deliver the positive change needed to tackle this crisis.


So, join Jonathan at 12pm on Thursday 12th November, to learn how organisations can inspire and engage employees to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral business – really hope to see you there!


To find out more, view Jonathan’s video: