End to end ownership is the key

End to end ownership is the key

Kara Howard, Head of Communicate Portfolio

Kara Howard, Head of Communicate Portfolio

At TalkTalk Business, we often talk about owning one of the largest Next Generation data networks in the UK as owning the “plumbing”. Putting it in these terms allows us to help our Partners understand what we do and what we do not do.

Owning the plumbing is critical for us, our resellers and your customers as this allows you to add value and control the data environment. However, this is only part of the story – it is great to look after the infrastructure but it is worthless unless the customer uses it to help their business.

For example, running phone calls using SIP over the plumbing is a great way to add value to the customer. The business benefits for you as a reseller are significant: firstly it solves one of the age old issues with ISDN – that of the blame game involved when working with BT, the maintainer and the call provider to solve a problem. Secondly it ties the customer into you with more than one single product, which is increasingly being seen as a commodity.

Customers dislike it when they have an issue and different suppliers blame each other, causing delay, confusion and annoyance. When you look after both the connectivity and the calls, you are in control; your customer gets a better service; and you have one place to go to resolve any issues.

As connectivity develops and becomes more price competitive, the resellers who add the most value will win more business and retain more profits. Thus adding more over the top (OTT) services like voice will put you in the driving seat for more secure profits and a stickier customer base.

Technically it is far superior to have SIP and connectivity working together. Customers are often reluctant to place calls over the internet, as they have concerns over call quality and they need guidance on the best way to deliver a reliable and assured service. At TalkTalk Business we put QoS on the connection so we can assure quality across the whole call journey.

Putting our plumbing in with our SIP also means the latency (speed at which the data travels between two points) is far lower, thereby eradicating issues like call gapping. It is not best practice to place SIP calls over the internet as there is no control or viability as to what is happening with the service.

So, as the connectivity and SIP markets develop over the next few years, the resellers who control the largest amount of product sets with a customer will win. Controlling the plumbing which underpins the services that add the value is the critical component for success.


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