International SIP and numbers: a key to unlocking profitability

International SIP and numbers: a key to unlocking profitability

Kara Howard, Head of Communicate Portfolio

Kara Howard, Head of Communicate Portfolio

In business there are many keys to success; in product development, however, there are only a few. Highly profitable, sticky products that customers demand are the holy grail for businesses seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition. The telecoms industry has often been guilty of racing to the bottom for price. This makes it difficult for Partners to separate themselves from the crowd, so business success is dependent on access to innovative, popular products.

This month, TalkTalk Business will be introducing a suite of products that we believe will help our Partners achieve all these goals and more. Our International Inbound Numbers and World SIP products will offer an outstanding chance to approach a relatively untapped market with highly profitable and robust offerings.

International Numbers will provide international landline and freephone numbers in more than 140 countries, many with porting capability. You can purchase a landline number in more than 4000 cities, from the Vatican City to Chicago, for your UK-based customer. They can then present that number when they make outbound calls. All numbers can be used with our SIP trunks or call forwarded to another number.

For outbound calls, World SIP will offer local SIP breakout in 14 countries (Europe and USA). This includes access to emergency services, local dial codes, local numbers and porting. So if you have a customer that has workforce in these countries and they want a single tariff, single bill, one supplier and control over their telephony, our World SIP offering will meet their needs perfectly.

We are very excited to be able to offer these products to you and, with our award winning SIP trunks, you can add even more value to your customers, approach new markets and build in more profit for your business. If you would like to know more, contact your Account Manager.


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With VoIP, businesses and consumers are now able to make and receive voice calls using their internet connection. Our aim at TalkTalk Business is to enable all our Partners to embrace fibre technologies and IP voice, helping you and your customers move from legacy voice lines and transition into the new era.


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