Introducing MyNet

Introducing MyNet

Jon Nowell, Head of Technology Strategy

Jon Nowell, Head of Technology Strategy

What is the Next Generation IPVPN programme?

Next Generation IPVPN provides the delivery mechanism for a wide spectrum of existing and new customer services. We’re excited about the programme’s potential to transform the customer experience for our wholesale Ethernet and managed IPVPN products.

The programme has allowed us to develop new portals, improve the interface for interactions between our Partners and TalkTalk Business, introduce new and more streamlined order journeys, and increase the levels of automation to reduce errors.  It also provides more accurate billing and an enhanced monitoring platform, allowing our Partners to see their services in a portal which they can manage themselves.

We’re also invested in new infrastructure, which has boosted the performance of the network and allows us to deliver new services such as virtual firewalls.

We’ve been working on the NGIPVPN programme for the last three years, investing significant time and resource to make sure we get it right. Essentially, it will underpin the growth in the business as we add new products and services, whilst making it as easy as possible for our Partners to do business with us. .

What is MyNet?

MyNet is a brand new portal that will allow TalkTalk Business Partners to manage their accounts in an easier and more efficient manner. The current, system works by taking orders that are then essentially managed over email, where the processing and updates are relatively manual..

MyNet will transform all this, allowing our Partners to manage the provision of services from end-to-end, order to invoice. By using this new portal, our Partners will be in control of their orders, and will be able to see what is happening with their services at all stages of the process, in real time and in an easy-to-use format.

What features does it have / what makes it unique?

The features within MyNet will make it much easier for our Partners to access their accounts, and allow them to view all their TalkTalk Business assets in a format that suits them. For example, if a Partner has two separate divisions to their business, MyNet will allow them to isolate the parts they want to see, without viewing the entire account.

Everything from order through to billing can be segmented in line with the Partners requirements. We also understand that our Partners need to be able to make changes to their accounts quickly and easily, which is why MyNet will give them the ability to increase bandwidth and add resilience on their circuit without having to call us. Essentially, our Partners will have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade their services to suit their needs.

As most TalkTalk Business orders are placed through Openreach, MyNet also will include an exciting new mapping function, where our Partners can see the existing Openreach infrastructure in their area. This map will allow Partners to better understand what options are available to them and how TalkTalk Business can help deliver their requirements.

How will this improve the order process for Partners compared to the previous process?

MyNet will overhaul the current system, and create a much more streamlined approach. Instead of having to submit requests to us by email, which we then input into our systems, our Partners can do it themselves straightaway. Cases will be time-stamped and Partners will be able to track their orders throughout the order journey, increasing transparency, efficiency, and eliminating the need to send chaser emails.

What benefits will this have for Partners?

MyNet gives Partners access to advanced features and performance monitoring – essentially, through the portal, they can see what we can see, and our network starts to become their network.

If there is a problem with their services, we can see the same view of their network or service as they see – so the “we see it up, and you see it down” conversations should be a thing of the past.

How will it affect end users?

The introduction of the MyNet portal is definitely a positive change. First and foremost, orders will be processed mush faster – as they are being inputted directly into our system, our Partners will no longer have to wait five working days for it to be processed.

We’ve had some excellent feedback from our Partners who have been trialing it so far, with many of them asking for it to be installed today!


“This is the best portal we have seen in telco. We are serious about development and you have really nailed this.”



“The investment you have delivered into the portal is a clear sign you are serious.”



“The portal looks first class. How do we get on board as a priority?”



“Without the new portal we could not have committed to the 500 orders for Ethernet. It looks fantastic and really enables us.”


What future enhancements are in the pipeline?

This launch is just the beginning! We are already developing further interfaces so that our Partners can push orders directly from their CRM systems into our system. These upgrades will further reduce time and cost of service as it will reduce the need for data re-entry. We’ll also soon be able to deliver software-defined firewalls almost at the touch of a button.

Slightly more long-term, we’re looking at connecting with cloud Partners such as Amazon and Microsoft, so that Partners can easily link their systems that use, for example Microsoft 365, with our own.

Ultimately, Next Generation IPVPN is the foundation for all the new and upgrades services we’ll be rolling out across our network. As we develop more services, we’ll be making them available to Partners through MyNet.

When is MyNet available to Partners?

The service is already available to Wholesale Partners and we’ll start to bring our VPN customers onto their version of the portal over the coming months. We’ve already moved to placing all our internal Ethernet orders through MyNet, and our top 10 volume Partners have also started using it. Between us, we’ve already placed around 1,500 orders through the system to date.

How do we sign up?

We are approaching our Partners to switch them over to the new system, as we’ll eventually phase out the legacy systems and processes.

We’ll be holding training sessions, either face-to-face or via webinar, so that our Partners are comfortable with the portal before we transition them.

In addition, the online MyNet training tool is now available.


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