Accelerate your Homeworking opportunity with our powerful data & insights

Accelerate your Homeworking opportunity with our powerful data & insights

Having visibility around network performance and customer behaviour is more essential now than ever before. With such emphasis on connectivity and digital enablement, customer retention and satisfaction are quickly becoming key focuses for the Channel.

Forbes recently estimated that 17 million UK workers will continue to work from home through the year and for many of those end-users, their consumer connections are just not up to the task of supporting the collaboration platforms and cloud-based services that have become essential in facilitating successful remote working throughout the economy.

That’s why TalkTalk Business is making its network performance data and insights available to our Partners. To bring greater performance awareness that will help resellers identify those at risk of leaving, and those who could benefit from products more suited to a remote workforce.

Visibility provided to TalkTalk Business’ Channel Partners:

  • Speed and Usage circuit data
  • Speed and Usage base analysis
  • Pre/Post-COVID-19 analysis to identify circuits with increased usage, indicative of homeworking
  • Stability and fault data to understand which customers might be suffering from a sub-optimal performance
  • Fibre (FTTC, Gfast & FTTP) Availability Data


With this insight, we can help our Partners understand their overall and individual usage demand, as well as changing trends within their base. This means you can target your customers with greater needs and upsell with higher-bandwidth services like FTTC and FTTP.

Low-usage alerts will help to indicate businesses who might be at risk of ending their arrangement or highlighting customers who may have switched suppliers mid-contract and could possibly be won-back.

The data we provide also identifies any of your customers who may be suffering from faults or stability issues, for suppliers to proactively resolve before the customer reaches out to them. Increasing CSAT scores and reducing customer churn rates.

Plus, with fibre availability data, sales teams can quickly identify locations to focus fibre messaging within, as well as quickly confirm prospect enquiries and streamline the purchasing journey.


What will the near future of telecoms look like?

At TalkTalk Business, we’ve already been using these insights, as part of our development of new ways to support UK businesses in their recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Having already optimised our network to manage 30% daytime surges, and a 10% rise in demand for voice (which equates to 6 million voice calls per day), we’re also designing and upgrading firewalls for business. This will help identify malicious domains, and the resulting blacklist will be shared with service providers and resellers to deal with accordingly.

Considering that Global Workplace Analytics expects between 25-30% of the workforce to be working from home for multiple days each week in the foreseeable future, these new products could represent a new market-segment worth approximately £1 billion by the end of 2021.

If you want to capitalise on such a significant new opportunity and take advantage of our new data and insights available to our partners, get in touch with our team or speak to your Account Manager.