Case study: Using powerful data to drive fibre upsell for our Partners

Case study: Using powerful data to drive fibre upsell for our Partners

Nick Hill, Head of Insight

Nick Hill, Head of Insight

TalkTalk Business has been helping Partners to accelerate their fibre upsell campaigns by utilising several types of data to provide a clear picture of their customer base, highlighting which customers would benefit from upgrading to fibre products such as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). 

Many customers are on the incorrect products for their usage type, whether that’s from a lack of education about different products and services or not realising their own usage. TalkTalk Business has developed a dataset to analyse the performance of broadband assets and drive analysis to easily identify customers who should be on a product that better suits their needs.

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For instance, a family of four might think their internet is not performing well because they can’t connect and use multiple devices at once. However, it is likely that MPF is not the optimal product and through data analysis we can help partners identify high usage users and therefore target those who require a connection that suits their data requirements such as fibre. Another type of customer could be a small business that operates from home and requires reliable connectivity to manage their website, send files over email and engage in video conferencing calls. However, they don’t realise their broadband speed is too slow to handle these tasks. By working in partnership with one of our largest B2B2C Partners, TalkTalk Business has been able to identify and analyse groups of customers with slow speeds and/or high usage who would be better served by FTTC. This approach led to much better customer targeting and significantly improved conversions to fibre.  

Increasing upsell through data

We utilised Service Index Data, Customer Data (Risk Profile) and Fibre Availability Wash Data to highlight which of the Partner’s customers would benefit from an upgrade such as slow speed broadband customers and high usage customers. You can read more about these insights in this blog. 

Once we’d identified the customers who would benefit the most from an upgrade, we worked with our partner to create a series of personalised, service-led emails that demonstrated the benefit of taking fibre for each customer. The data not only working to identify the right customers to target but also being used to personalise the message and drive the highest conversion. For example, we displayed the current average downstream speed and then using Fibre Wash we presented the estimated and minimum guaranteed speeds.

We can then calculate the difference, which for some customers was huge. For example, a customer could have a current average speed of 2.22Mbps on their broadband line, but if they upgraded to fibre, they would get estimated speeds of 66.66- 80Mbps with a minimum guaranteed speed with fibre of 44.44Mbps. Being able to communicate this directly and uniquely to end customer has been one of the driving factors behind the significantly enhanced results.

Making it easy to upgrade

The emails include a ‘One Click Upgrade’ button in each email to make it as simple as possible for the customer to upgrade to fibre which also removed the need for the customer to call up. Once the customer clicks the ‘One Click Upgrade’ button, they are directed to a thank you and confirmation landing page. The upgrade extracts are automatically taken and passed onto the agents to process the upgrades.

Significantly increased conversion rates

Multiple Partners have achieved impressive results since the fibre upsell campaign was launched, with a typical conversion rate between 10-15% in the campaign emails. This compares to usual conversion rate for marketing campaigns of 1-2%. This approach has utilised a true partnership approach to drive the right results for partners and their customers. TalkTalk Business are committed to extending this approach in the future allowing partners to identify further opportunities and benefits for both them and their customers.

Are you interested in selling FTTC to your customers? Please contact your Account Manager to learn how we can help your business.