Could EoFTTC hit the sweet spot for your customers?

Could EoFTTC hit the sweet spot for your customers?

Simon Leather, Head of Product Development

Simon Leather, Head of Product Development

Could EoFTTC hit the sweet spot for your customers?

Nestled between FTTC and EAD, EoFTTC is the data product that’s often overlooked. However, EoFTTC has many qualities which makes it an ideal upgrade from FTTC for businesses that can’t quite justify an EAD price tag. Let’s explore why EoFTTC could hit the sweet spot for your customers.

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7 Hour fix & 24/7 support

Our EoFTTC product has been designed with your customers’ needs in mind. We understand that a connectivity outage can be detrimental to the success of your customers’ business which is why we offer market-leading service level agreements (SLAs). By purchasing EoFTTC, your customer will be provided with a 7-hour fix SLA* and 24/7 support for real peace of mind.

Guaranteed speeds

Business Prioritisation is applied to all EOFTTC traffic within our network, which means your customers can benefit from a secure and reliable connection with guaranteed speeds. Your customers traffic won’t be contented (competing with other users for priority), allowing them to enjoy faster upload speeds to deliver services such as SIP and Hosted Voice, as well as uploading large files or video conferencing.

Your customer will be guaranteed up to 20Mbps Symmetrical Speeds & maximum 80Mbps downstream (maximum speed, varies with copper length). In practice, this means the end user can carry up to 200 voice calls on a single connection and other processes such as making payments are significantly quicker.

Seamless Delivery Journey

We’ve enhanced many sections of our internal journey to deliver even faster lead times.

In parallel, we have refreshed and automated the order updates to ensure you receive the information you need to keep your customers completely abreast of progress all the way from order placement to handover.

Rapid lead-time

EoFTTC has a much quicker lead-time compared to many other Ethernet options. EoFTTC circuits typically deliver within 25 working days compared to an average of 65 working days for EAD.

Competitive pricing

Many businesses need a dedicated line but can’t afford an Ethernet connection like EAD. EoFTTC is the ideal solution, it’s 31% cheaper per annum than EAD and provides an uncontended connection with Business Grade Support.

With so many benefits, you can see why EoFTTC is a great value product. It is ideal for high street, pubs, retail, schools and small offices. It’s also the product of choice for customers wishing to roll out a WAN network.

Does EoFTTC sound like a good solution for your customers? We’d love to provide you with more information, you can join our product webinar on the 16th October 2019. Please contact your Account Manager to register for the webinar. 

*Please be aware that the SLA can vary depending on the issue severity.