Enhanced Monitoring: Unleash the power of data

Enhanced Monitoring: Unleash the power of data

Simon Leather, Head of Product Development

Simon Leather, Head of Product Development

Enhanced Monitoring: Unleash the power of data



Customer experience is the new battleground for businesses looking to differentiate themselves against the competition. By improving customer experience, you can reduce churn, promote loyalty and increase cross selling and upselling opportunities.

Businesses who utilise data to help their customers’ businesses thrive will succeed in the customer experience arena. For channel businesses, optimising and managing your network will significantly improve your customers’ experience. However, this means physically checking individual circuits across multiple locations, which isn’t an efficient use of your time or resource.

Especially now during these uncertain times, connectivity is more important for businesses to remain competitive than ever before. Having the visibility to check network and ensure VPNs are in place for your employees is vital to ensure business can keep moving and increase productivity whilst working from home. That’s why TalkTalk Business offers Enhanced Monitoring, a user-friendly interface that gives you total visibility of your network on one dashboard, so you can make choices to improve performance and resolve issues before they reach your customers.

Watch our short video below which explains Enhanced monitoring in more detail.


Seven benefits of Enhanced Monitoring

Now you know a little more about Enhanced Monitoring, let’s explore the key benefits.

1. Future of Homeworking

Detailed network overview is fundamental now more than ever. Due to the current situation, it is extremely vital to ensure you have great connectivity for your employees to keep your business moving. You will no longer need IT teams going into an empty office to have visibility of your network or frustrated employees not understanding why their connection has gone. With Enhanced Monitoring, you will be able to spot any network issues before they do. As a cloud-based system you can help your clients monitor their real-time network from anywhere and ensure that their staff has constant connectivity whether they work from home or in the office giving them peace of mind.

2. Provides near real-time visibility of your network

View near real-time activity across your entire network from one easy to use dashboard which you can access anywhere. Harnessing this level of data allows you to analyse and optimise your bandwidth and view how each circuit is performing, eliminating the need to visit multiple sites to monitor circuits, therefore saving you time and resource.

3. Helps you harness the power of data

Enhanced Monitoring provides you with an abundance of near real-time data allowing you to make more informed decisions. Drill down into key functions such as circuit utilisation, average response times and traffic flows. This level of rich data helps you to optimise and manage your network which is crucial to providing an unrivalled customer experience.

In addition, you can create custom reports from within the dashboard based on your specific criteria. These can be as detailed or as low-level as you like. All the reports are downloadable so you can email them to colleagues or customers to demonstrate how the network is performing.

4. Boosts network resiliency

Enhanced Monitoring empowers you to escalate incidents efficiently and spot outages immediately. The service monitors your network every two minutes so if an issue does occur, you’ll receive an alert allowing you to act fast. The dashboard will highlight where the issue has occurred, helping you to resolve issues in record time. This increase your network’s resiliency and reduces the risk of serious outages.

5. Upsell and cross sell services

Enhanced Monitoring provides powerful insights that enables your sales teams to advise and recommend services to your customers to improve their business. For example, if you can see a customer’s network is particularly busy at certain times of the day, you can suggest recommendations such as rescheduling their backup activity to outside their core hours to save bandwidth. Or if they are using 80% of their bandwidth, you can use this to suggest they upgrade to a higher bandwidth service for better performance.

6. User friendly interface

Enhanced Monitoring is a powerful tool, arming you with rich data in one user friendly dashboard which is simple to use. We’ll provide you with training materials and a detailed guide to help you get the most out of the service. Plus, you’ll receive dedicated support from your Account Manager whenever you need it. Our experts are here to help you be the experts for your customers.

7. Great value for money

It is extremely costly for businesses to implement their own monitoring, which is why we provide a solution that is low cost with great value. The ability to monitor network, bandwidth and circuits all in one place will save you time and money. With minimal cost for a solution that would otherwise require significant budget and ongoing maintenance, Enhanced Monitoring pays for itself whilst adding extra value to your offering and allows you to help your clients keep the lights on for their business.

Please speak to your Account Manager to add Enhanced Monitoring to your TalkTalk Business services. If you’re interested in becoming a TalkTalk Business Partner, please contact us here.