5 great examples of how your customers can benefit from our Ethernet pricing reductions

5 great examples of how your customers can benefit from our Ethernet pricing reductions

Rob Walker, Pricing & Commercial Analysis Senior Manager

Rob Walker, Pricing & Commercial Analysis Senior Manager

Our aim at TalkTalk Business is to enable our Partners to offer their customers great value services. For EAD, this means great value wherever they are located and whatever their needs may be.

Through October and early November we have launched a series of great pricing initiatives that can benefit organisations across the UK. Here are just 5 scenarios of how our promotions can help you to position better value to your customers:

Scenario 1: Your customer has a site in London that can save 10%

We recognise the market in this area is different in terms of level of competition and the typical bandwidths requirements. As such, we have priced accordingly and aim to give our Partner’s the edge by offering a 10% discount on bandwidths between 50Mbps and 300Mbps at over 58 exchanges within London.

We call this new area City Zone, and it’s significant not only for the discount, but also for the large geography it services.  TalkTalk Business can do this due to our network reach and efficiency; we don’t just have a limited city centre network, our Next Generation Network covers over 95% of the UK population.

Scenario 2: Your customer is in a geography where the competitive landscape is changing and can save 20% or more

We’re always looking at how the level of competition in an area is changing and how the efficiency of our network is improving within it, so that we can offer you greater choice and value.

Back in May we reduced our rental prices by over a third in areas where we believe we are relatively unique in having a presence in the local exchange. However, the market constantly changes and so must our pricing. As a result, in October we moved  an additional 308 exchanges to our most competitive pricing zone outside of London (Zone 0), providing additional rental savings of 20% or more in these locations.

Scenario 3: Your customer wants a service with the flexibility to grow as their bandwidth requirements change and can save up to 9.5%

We’re very keen to make sure those customers requiring flexibility in the future above 100Mbps can get a great deal from us.  We’ve therefore lowered the rental price of the entry level 100Mbps over a 1G bearer by up to 9.5% to help them get on to the first rung of the ladder and be ready for the future.

Scenario 4:  Your customer needs a resilient solution or has a site in a remote location and can save up to 27%

Our Zone 2 price comes into play when a customer requires a circuit to go to an exchange that is not local to their site (for speeds up to 300Mbps).  This may on rare occasion be due to it being a remote location where we have no presence in the local exchange, or it may be that they require a second circuit that takes a different route to provide a level of resiliency.

We made changes to this in October (it was a busy month!) and all Partners can benefit from up to 27% discounts (fixed element, excluding distance charges, which vary).

Scenario 5:  Everyone can save between 1.9% and 3.5%

Not wanting to leave anyone out, in November we introduced further savings in addition to the above that Partners can take advantage of across all our pricing zones. These savings range from 1.9% to 3.5%

We believe that all of these reductions equip you with great value Ethernet services to help you succeed in a competitive market place. Of course we won’t stop there, and we’ll continue to disrupt the market with great pricing initiatives in 2017!