Great Together: The Ultimate Enabler

Great Together: The Ultimate Enabler

Great Together: The Ultimate Enabler

As we continue our new branding campaign with our Great Together series, our next theme is the incredible network which allows our Partners, their customers and more to have great, reliable connectivity.


Great Together: Network


Our Network Strategy

TalkTalk Wholesale Services gives Partners the flexibility and agility to be whatever they want to be. We create connections as the ultimate enabler through our robust, wider reaching network.

We know that growth for us means growth for our Partners. That’s why we’ve continually invested in our network, providing a reliable, wide-reaching service that both business and long-term partnerships are built on.

In these unprecedented times and the demand for higher bandwidth services for our customers, we are continuing to build and scale out network to meet the customer demand. Driving capacity and scalability for our customers peak connectivity is paramount ensuring we have the maximum available capacity available for customers when they need it. This is why our Network Strategy is so important to us:

 1. Customer Experience

We are fully focused on the customer experience, striving for operational excellence in everything we do. We are adopting new technologies and exploiting network telemetry data to improve quality of experience and product optimisation.

 2. Capacity

With more customers migrating to higher bandwidth products, the demand on our network is ever increasing. We are transforming the access network, driving simplification with increased use of new optical technologies and dark fibre at the most efficient rate.

 3. Capability

Under pinning our efficient scale expansion is a core team that we aim to ensure continues to grow in capability across new technologies, converging skills sets across operations and engineering, software and traditional networking and increased focus on data exploitation to improve. 


Becoming the Ultimate Enabler

Our network continues to perform well with ever-growing demand and is our number one priority. We are well placed for the full fibre explosion set to take place in the UK over the next few years and still the market leader for High bandwidth services (ethernet).

We are the ultimate enabler. Full fibre infrastructure is fundamentally changing the market for connectivity in the UK, and our aim is to work together to challenge the status quo and plug in to AltNet capability to simplify it for our Partners.

Our long history of operating a wholesale division means we are always ensuring our Partners can exploit the platforms we build such as:

  • Wholesale access to consumer-centric services such content caching and next-gen CPE.
  • Transport aggregation across an extensive dark fibre network.
  • Underpinned by a standards-based integration platform allowing access to multiple AltNets as their footprints grow and evolve.


When it comes to connectivity, our roots run deep

Our service draws on over 20 years of experience. Keeping our Partners connected is our top priority.

With TalkTalk Wholesale Services, our Partners can build their perfect proposition from a full suite of speeds and services. Backed by a trusted, Fibre-first network and top-level support that won’t fail you. Whether your customers need a straightforward, lightning-fast fibre connection, or a dedicated line that’s all theirs, we help you connect them quickly and keep them there.