Helping our Partners to build back better

Helping our Partners to build back better

Richard Thompson, Managing Director, Wholesale

Richard Thompson, Managing Director, Wholesale

The new normal: Helping our Partners to build back better

COVID-19 has certainly been a challenging time for all, but with challenge and change comes opportunity. As we begin to learn what the ‘new normal’ might look like, we’re starting to see great opportunity within the Channel that our Partners and businesses can thrive off. Managing Director of TalkTalk Wholesale, Richard Thompson, shares his thoughts on the changing landscape and how we are helping our Partners build back better by working together…


The changing landscape 

Adjusting to a new landscape has been priority for all businesses. COVID-19 has forced businesses of all sizes to adapt during these times and it has reinforced the importance of connectivity in how we conduct our lives and business in the future. With the majority of the workforce working from home regularly, businesses are now realising the benefits and importance of supplying their remote staff with reliable, secure and congestion-free connectivity with fibre being the ideal product for this use-case, especially FTTP. 

There is a huge opportunity in the homeworking environment post COVID. Never mind the ‘new normal’ - business is fundamentally changed. Take the NHS as example, it will never be the same, Telemedicine is here to stay. Big offices ‘may be a thing of the past’. It’s a pivotal moment: a chance to transform and reset. We expect to see a dramatic shift as businesses look to maximise their teams’ productivity from home.


FTTP and new opportunities

The Channel has been presented with a new market opportunity; Business-grade connectivity for homeworkers. Our recent Lockdown Lessons report found81% of business leaders identified a fast, reliable broadband connection as a priority for effective homeworking. That’s double the number of business leaders who said a workstation (41%), such as a desk, was a priority for their employees. With such emphasis on connectivity and digital enablement, customer retention and satisfaction are quickly becoming key focuses for the Channel. That’s why we’ve been making our network performance data and insights available to our Partners, leveraging our expertise and providing them with toolkits and more. Our aim is to help our Partners understand their overall and individual usage demand, as well as changing trends within their base so they can target their customers with greater needs and upsell with higher-bandwidth services like FTTC and FTTP.

Home-working Fibre-based services are now in high-demand, with more than 1 million new connections expected in the next 18 months.


Adapting to the new normal, together

This is a challenging time, but it’s important to see the opportunity – and TalkTalk Business Wholesale is enabling our Partners to do just that. We’re always thinking about how we can support our Partners navigate through this changing landscape from copper to fibre, we’re not just delivering commodity; we give support through all of these transitions for our Partners and to work much more collaboratively with them.

The market changes rapidly. Because of changing landscape, it’s important to set ourselves up for success with a view to 2025 context. We’re making significant investments in our business, in our marketing to enable us to do this, and it’s all with a focus on delivering this fibre future and supporting our Partners in jointly going to market. 


If you’d like more information or would like to talk about how we can work together through this changing landscape, please contact your Account Manager.