Simon Leather, Head of Product Development

Simon Leather, Head of Product Development

FTTP: Education is everything

The full fibre revolution has begun. Now is the time to get onboard and deliver full fibre to your customers. We want to make it simple for you, our Partners, to sell full fibre to your customers by giving you all the knowledge and insights to succeed.

In 2018 we successfully built a full fibre network in York, creating the UK’s first gigabit city. We’ve gathered lots of experience throughout that period, not only from building the infrastructure, but from a sales and marketing perspective too. We want to pass on these learnings to our Partners to help you succeed.

Education is everything

When we first started trying to sell full fibre in York, a lot of residents thought that they already had full fibre, but what they had was fibre to the cabinet (FTTC). To create more of a demand for FTTP you need to ensure that your customers understand the difference between the products and the benefits of having an Ultrafast full fibre connection.

To educate your customers, you also need to have the right knowledge. But even people in the connectivity industry can get confused about the differences between FTTC and FTTP. We’ve created a simple animation to demystify FTTP and explain the benefits for your customers.

We’ve also created a white labelled version of the animation for you to share with your own customers, we’ve even left the final screen blank so you can even add your own logo into the video. 


Partner Knowledge 

To continue to provide you with more insights and knowledge, we’ve created an exciting new online content hub called Knowledge that can be found within our Support Centre.

Knowledge provides you with access to a range of useful product information and thought leadership content (including white labelled videos) to ensure that you are up to date on the latest industry insights.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Self-service, easily accessible 24/7 through Support Centre
  • Exclusive content accessible through your own login
  • All in one place - no need to scroll through emails to find product documentation

How do I access Knowledge?

We're giving priority access to our Partners that have signed up to our newsletter.  If you haven't already, you can opt-in to receive our newsletters by clicking here.   Once you're opted in to receive email communications from us, we'll email you log-in details as soon as Knowledge is available.