One Customer Desk: Becoming easier to do business with

One Customer Desk: Becoming easier to do business with

We’re on a mission to become easier to do business with. That’s why we regularly ask for your feedback through CSAT surveys. By listening to your feedback we can understand how to improve our products, services and operations and make being a TalkTalk Business customer even more enjoyable.

Over the last 18 months we’ve been developing a new contact model to simplify and improve the way we communicate. One Customer Desk has been trialled with small groups of customers and it has received great feedback, so we’re really looking forward to rolling it out to all our customers this year.

How does One Customer Desk work?

One Customer Desk combines several teams into one highly skilled and functioning unit, eliminating the frustration of being passed around to different agents via the phone or email. This single team equals a faster response and resolution time and more informed and regular communications with our cutsomers.

Check out this short video explaining how it works:

Highlights of our trial:

Here’s some of the key highlights of our trial:

  • It’s now easier to contact us (70 email contacts reduced to just one main email address and three levels of escalation)
  • Our response times are faster (<24hrs for general queries and <4hrs for escalations)
  • 58% of customer requests are now resolved within 2 days (from 21%)
  • Our customer satisfaction scores have soared (from 45% to 78%)

The feedback speaks for itself

We’re confident about the positive impact One Customer Desk will have on our customers, as it has already had a transformational affect with some of our long-standing relationships:

“As a TalkTalk Business partner I am much happier that I now have a way in to TalkTalk Business in order to deal with specific jobs/queries that require the assistance of other teams within TalkTalk Business, and that I am not wholly reliant on my Account Manager. This also means that my query times are being cut down and being addressed in a much timelier fashion.”

- Project and Escalations Manager, Abtec

“With One Customer Desk, TalkTalk Business once again take ownership and deliver intelligent and progressive responses that lead to issue and query resolution in prompt and efficient time frames. If any issues should occur, then a clearly outlined escalation path always yields results. We can be confident placing our business in the hands of TalkTalk Business.”

-       Technical Services Manager, BSAS Telecoms Ltd

“We have noticed our ceases and queries are being picked up a lot quicker and responded to!”

-        Service Transition Manager, Solar Comms

Look out for more updates from us on the new One Customer Desk. In the meantime, please continue to contact us in the same way you have been doing.