Openreach Marketing Campaign in Mildenhall

Openreach Marketing Campaign in Mildenhall

From the 21st of February 2022 Openreach will be undertaking a marketing campaign in Mildenhall to advise local residents of the impending WLR withdrawal. This will take the format of advertising in local radio and newspapers, social media, posters in bus shelters and shop windows and a trial of postcard bulletins to 400 premises.

The campaign advises residents that there is a potential, impending change to the way that their landline and broadband will be delivered. It states that not all landline and/or broadband lines are impacted and that it depends on the technology used to deliver them.

Residents are advised to take one of the following actions;

i)               Visit for more information

ii)             Call an Openreach information line for a recorded message with more information on the WLR withdrawal on 0800 012 1402

iii)           Call their CP for more information especially if they use their landline for non-standard services such as alarms or care services

TalkTalk have less than 20 WLR lines in Mildenhall that will need to move to SOGEA (or FTTP) by 1st April 2023. However, if our Partners have their own WLR lines in Mildenhall these will also need to move to SOGEA by that date.

TalkTalk Wholesale Services are currently developing SOGEA products to be used in the Partner channel and will be inviting Partners to participate in trials in H2 FY2022. The TalkTalk single line Digital Voice (VoIP) solution will be available for Managed Partners to run over the top of SOGEA lines if required.