A story of connectivity gone wrong

A story of connectivity gone wrong

Richard Thompson, Director of Partners

Richard Thompson, Director of Partners

Introducing Rob

RobRob’s been providing connectivity and IT services to UK businesses for years and has built strong relationships with his customers.

He knows that connectivity is vital to these businesses and that there is always a risk a circuit may fail, bringing down a business' IT with it. From a problem at the exchange, to a cable being accidentally cut when the high street is dug up, the risks are many, and a backup is needed.

This is why he advises his clients to take a resilient service in the form of two connectivity circuits, from two different carriers. In this way, if the businesses’ primary Ethernet circuit fails they will have a backup connection, and because that connection is from a different supplier, he assumes that the traffic will take an entirely different route that avoids the issue that the primary circuit is having.

But Rob’s overlooked a problem

It’s a common misconception that by choosing to install two connections from two different carriers that the data traffic will be routed diversely and be truly resilient. But this isn't the case and Rob has found this out the hard way.

His day has gone from whistling to his favourite tune in the kitchen, to pulling his hair out at his desk, guzzling his fifth coffee of the day.

So where has it gone wrong? One of the businesses he looks after is in trouble; an exchange has gone down and it turns out, both circuits went through the same exchange. The two carriers had no visibility of each other's circuits so didn't route them differently. They didn't know, Rob didn’t know, the customer didn’t know.

But they all know now, and its turning into a nightmare.Resiliency done wrong

So what’s the solution?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If he could turn back the clock he'd have ordered both circuits from one carrier. In doing so, they could have made sure they took different routes, had less chance of being affected by the same issue, and given his customer better protection.

This oversight will haunt both Rob and his customer. And the strong relationship Rob worked tirelessly to build? That’s somewhat tarnished also.

Don’t be Rob. By placing both orders with TalkTalk Business in our portals, you can choose from a range of options that provide geographically diverse routes from the office, to the core network. Peace of mind matters, and the best way to find it is with good resiliency options that has you covered.

So if you want to ensure your customer has resilient connectivity and would like more information, then contact your TalkTalk Business Account Manager, or ring us today on 0808 252 8051 for more information.

Resiliency done well