The future of telephony - Our VoIP journey so far...

For those familiar with the terms like FTTC and MPF, the chances are you will already know about both the Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) revolution that’s already happening and what the future of voice will look like once the outdated Openreach copper network has retired.

Essentially where there used to be two lines into the premise, there will only be one fibre connection with the voice service overlaid on top – like how WhatsApp works on top of your mobile data connection.  For TalkTalk, this has meant significant investment into a whole new VoIP platform to future proof a simple ‘single line’ voice proposition with familiar features like voicemail and call divert for many different types of customers.

As FTTP & VoIP New Product Developmentin TalkTalk Business, this means understanding the new platform, working out the implications for our Partners and engaging early to plan for these changes together. This has led to a recent series of online events over the past four weeks, covering the overall approach to VoIP Readiness webinar, providing a checklist of topics for Partners to work through, and holding deep dive Product Forum’s on the specific subjects of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and how to treat your Vulnerable Customers.

CPE is one of the biggest differences between Partner and TalkTalk as this is not built and managed by us, therefore compatibility to technical specifications, and sourcing and testing with TR69 systems takes longer.  We can share our experience and will make available remote and physical lab facilities in the Autumn.

Looking after Vulnerable customers is also a key consideration for B2B2C Partners, where the different technology means different install experiences when a migration needs to happen for example and ensuring connectivity in a power outage.

Similarly, for businesses that supply ‘Critical National Infrastructure’, like ATM’s, and reservoir monitoring, simple voice services are being explored to replace existing lines.

This means Partner engagement and education is crucial and we will continue this into the Autumn as systems develop. Our TalkTalk Business Product Forum is a key channel for material, Q&A and discussion – join here to be part of the conversation.


For more information, please get in touch with your Account Manager.