Wholesale Virtual Event 2021 – Reconnecting with our Partners

Wholesale Virtual Event 2021 – Reconnecting with our Partners

Wholesale Virtual Event 2021 – Reconnecting with our Partners

We are so excited to announce our Wholesale Services Virtual Event 2021 will be taking place on Thursday 20th May.

After what has been an extraordinary 12 months, we’re looking forward to reconnecting with our Partners, updating you on all aspects of the business, making some amazing announcements and showcasing how we are absolutely committed to supporting your growth aspirations, as we accelerate out of lockdown.  


Here are six reasons why you should join us for our Wholesale Virtual Summit 2021:

1. A new era

We aim to share with you why we are energised about our collective future. We will be unveiling two very exciting announcements for our business. Both of which were created and crafted with our Partners in mind.

2. How we are building a fibre future together

We will walk you through the connectivity landscape and how we match, our product roadmap, leveraging our capabilities to enable you to sell further services to you customers, and how we can help you prepare.

3. Future proofing our network: strategy and performance

We invest millions into our network every year to makes sure it remains one of the best. You will get to see insights into how our network continues to perform well with ever-growing demand - and this remains our number priority. We will also show you how we are well placed for the full fibre explosion and still the market leader for High bandwidth services (ethernet), and how we are always ensuring Partners can exploit the platforms we build. We’ll tell you more about the innovative technology we’re implementing at the Wholesale Virtual Summit.

4. The ultimate full fibre enabler

Find out more about our plan to become the ultimate Full Fibre enabler for the channel; giving us the greatest scale and our Partners ubiquitous coverage. We are working with Openreach, CityFibre and other AltNets to deliver our strategy and are excited for you to be part of the discussion.

5. Update on our mission to become easy to do business with

We continue to be focused on improving the way we work with our Partners. We’ve listened to your feedback and have invested in the way we work across operations, service, provisioning, billing and assurance. We’re looking forward to reflecting through the deliverables, covering our operational strategy and guiding you through what you can expect from us as we continue with our obsession with being easy to do business with.

6. And more! (We can’t give away too much!)

As well as all of the above, we will have special guests, personal messages, new faces, insights into our vision, strategies, plans and more! This is one you don’t want to miss out on and we’re so excited to be sharing some incredible news with our Partners that will set us all up for a successful journey ahead.


As always, we want to connect with you as much as possible so despite this being a virtual event, we are keen to make it interactive and will encourage you to ask questions throughout.

Contact your Account Manager to register and we'll see you soon.