Wholesale Virtual Event: A faster future

Wholesale Virtual Event: A faster future

Wholesale Virtual Event: A faster future

At TalkTalk Wholesale Services, our Partners are at the heart of everything we do. Which is why our Wholesale Virtual Event is so important to us. In our morning event, we were able to catch up with our Partners and provide business updates and insights that will help our Partners navigate the challenging landscape and ultimately win more business. 

We covered a huge amount in our virtual event. From our new company rebrand, to an overview on the connectivity landscape and our product roadmap, our AltNet strategy and discussion on the fibre development with our friends at CityFibre and Freedom Fibre, network insights and operational and service enhancements. Here are 5 highlights from our Wholesale Virtual Event:


1. Introducing… TalkTalk Wholesale Services

We are very excited to announce that we are rebranding to TalkTalk Wholesale Services!

Wholesale Services is an evolution of a channel which has always existed in TalkTalk and will always exist. We are taking this maturity step with this new chapter of our business. Our long-term vision and our strategy to deliver our fibre future has not changed – but we have positively refreshed our approach.


We’ve got so much to offer our Partners; underpinned by our Platform and supported by our scale, expertise and knowledge. Connectivity is at the heart of what we do, it is our sole focus and we are committed to delivering our Partners amazing value. Our strategy and all the changes we are making have a focus on delivering our fibre future and supporting our Partners as we all make this transition together.


2. The connectivity landscape

Simon Leather, Head of Product Innovation, talked us through the connectivity landscape, our product roadmap and what you can expect to see from us in the next year.

At TalkTalk Wholesale Services we took the chance to move forward and embrace the future of connectivity now. Full Fibre is our number one priority. Our plan is to become the Full Fibre enabler for the channel, giving our Partners ubiquitous coverage by working with other AltNets. We’ve rebuilt our systems from the ground up to ensure that our full future is built on the latest and greatest platforms. We urge you to make the transition now, follow the fibre and ultimately improve the valuation of your business. Our ambition is to turbo-charge our growth, whilst navigating our Partners through our changing landscape with our product roadmap. Our strategy and all the changes we are making have a focus on delivering our fibre future and supporting our Partners as we all make this transition together.


3. Network innovation

With these unprecedented times and the demand for higher bandwidth services for our customers and Partners, we are continuing to build and scale out network to meet the customer demand. Usage rose sharply during the first lockdown and continued to surge even higher throughout the second and third lockdowns. Through all the ups and downs, we continued to stay connected in lots of different ways.

Driving capacity and scalability for our customers peak connectivity is paramount ensuring we have the maximum available capacity available for customers when they need it. We are fully focused on the customer experience, striving for operational excellence in everything we do. We are adopting new technologies and exploiting network telemetry data to improve quality of experience and product optimisation. With more customers migrating to higher bandwidth products, the demand on our network is ever increasing. We are transforming the access network, driving simplification with increased use of new optical technologies and dark fibre at the most efficient rate.

Our network continues to perform well with ever growing demand and this remains our number priority. Our adoption of emerging technologies allows us to deliver a better customer experience and improved efficiencies for a full fibre future. We are well placed for the full fibre explosion set to take place in the UK over the next few years and still the market leader for High bandwidth services (ethernet). 


4. Working with others; Our AltNet Strategy

At TalkTalk Wholesale Services, one of our main priorities in the business is the delivery of FTTP through Openreach and alternative networks (AltNets) to provide full UK geographic coverage and taking our Partners and end customers on that journey towards FTTP. If we want to continue to take the lead in driving Fibre For Everyone (FFE) then we must engage with a wide range of AltNets. We are agnostic, giving us the greatest scale for our Partners and their customers.

Ruth Kennedy, Group Fibre Development Director of TalkTalk Wholesale Services, was joined by Neil McArthur, CEO at Freedom Fibre and George Wareing, Sales Director at CityFibre for a discussion which explored several topics, such as: opportunities for fibre deployment, strategies to optimise the level and speed of take-up, and how TalkTalk Wholesale Services and AltNets will work together to help Partners go-to-market.


5. Powering up your service

We’re on a mission to be easy to do business with. Your feedback is extremely important to us and we use it to improve our service and products every year. We want to enable your business to spend less time resolving issues and more time winning.

Following your feedback, we’ve made some big improvements to our service models and we have launched a range of digital services available to adopt, including Live Chat, online case management, online order tracking and a new, improved Product Knowledgebase. We’ve been working on getting these services right for you over the last year. Not only that, but we talked through what’s coming to you next and we’re confident they will make it much easier for you to do business with us. Please ask your Account Manager for more information on any of these services.



We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who attended our Wholesale Virtual Summit. Don’t worry if you missed the event, we’ll be sharing the content through a variety of blogs and video content and via the Partner newsletter. You can also watch the entire event here.

It was so good to have so many of you join us, and we absolutely cannot wait to reconnect in person soon. We’re looking forward to all of the events coming up catching up with everyone. It’s well overdue!