Workplace wellbeing: A checklist for your business

Workplace wellbeing: A checklist for your business

Workplace wellbeing: A checklist for your business

Employee health and wellbeing is an organisational must-have, especially during these difficult times. Despite the advantages of cutting the commute when hybrid working and being able to work around your personal life, employees’ wellbeing can still suffer. When working from home it’s to feel isolated and may struggle. Businesses need to prioritise mental health in the workplace and promote an open culture and communication on mental health. 

It is important to ensure your employees are safe, healthy, satisfied and engaged with their work. Below is a short checklist that your organisation can use to improve wellbeing in the workplace:

Mental Health

  • Prioritise mental health in the workplace by developing and delivering a programme of activity.
  • Increase organisational confidence and capability.
  • Provide mental health tools and support.
  • Proactively ensure organisational culture drive positive mental health outcomes.
  • Promote an open culture and communication on mental health.
  • Encourage leaders to role model good sleep and work hygiene e.g. reducing evening screen time to tackle stigma of sleep being a ‘nice to have’.

Social Isolation and loneliness

  • Always be available to talk – and communicate this to all teams.
  • Enable social connection.
  • Encourage daily check-ins with teams to catch up and have a chat.
  • Try to have monthly team activities e.g. Team quiz, games etc.

Financial wellbeing

  • Review any work-related factors negatively impacting employee’s financial wellbeing and take action to mitigate these risks.
  • Reach out to employees, encourage the conversation, and listen to the support they need.
  • Signpost to reliable information and sources.

Physical activity

  • Find creative ways to help employees to support and encourage each other with physical activity and healthy eating, e.g. 'walk and talk' catch ups.
  • Promote daily walks - Serotonin promotes a sense of happiness and well-being so the more fresh air you have will help to significantly boost your employees' mood.
  • Share reputable free resources.

At TalkTalk Business, we have a fantastic People Team that have been doing an incredible job at making sure our employees are happy and healthy, providing them with resources, events and more. Steps like these give your employees more opportunities to let you know about any problems they’re experiencing, and also means they’re more likely to remain motivated, productive and successful when hybrid working.


If you’d like to use this checklist for your own organisation, feel free to download the checklist here.

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