2 Circles

2 Circles

2 Circles drives SIP success with TalkTalk Business

2 Circles drives SIP success with TalkTalk Business

The Challenge

The challenge faced by 2 Circles was that many of their customers were still using legacy ISDN systems, which would soon become obsolete. In addition, customers were trying to run bandwidth-heavy business critical services over ADSL resulting in poor performance and low productivity.

They needed to be able to offer the right solution to their customers to fit modern business requirements which could be installed with minimum disruption, at the right price point. It needed to give customers the flexibility to upscale and downscale around key times, such as the busy run-up to Christmas, together with bandwidth that could keep up with the current and future demand in data.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, 2 Circles recommended TalkTalk Business SIP Trunking as a solution to help meet the growing needs of its customers. SIP allows greater flexibility and the ability to upscale quickly, rather than waiting weeks to have a new line installed. TalkTalk Business SIP Trunking also seamlessly integrates into 2 Circles’ existing portfolio providing a best of breed solution at a competitive price point. Through SIP, they can also provide a consistent product to all customers whether they be SMEs or larger organisations. Last but not least, the support offered by the TalkTalk Business account team means that it can provide 24/7 support to its customers to keep them informed and resolve any issues as soon as possible.


SIP is a major focus for our business and working with TalkTalk Business has allowed us to future-proof ourselves and offer customers the right solution at the right time. SIP Trunking is now our main product which fits nicely in our overall portfolio. We also offer TalkTalk Business products such as Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS), digital subscriber line (DSL), Managed Data, Ethernet First Mile (EFM), EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) and Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC). The relationship with TalkTalk Business is the main reason for our success. The Account team is very supportive and keep things moving quickly, which is very important for us.

 Sales Director, 2 Circles

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