Everything you need to know about IP Voice

Everything you need to know about IP Voice

Everything you need to know about IP Voice

What is VoIP?

IP Voice (VoIP) is technology that routes your calls over your internet connection. Providing you with everything a traditional phone system does, VoIP overlays your voice onto a single fibre connection, giving businesses both operational and cost efficiencies.

With connectivity landscapes evolving for both in-premise internet access and voice services, the time is ticking for copper landlines and broadband networks which need to be replaced within the next few years. The switch from outdated networks to VoIP is inevitable, many businesses have already made the switch and are moving forward - and once your customers have made that move, they can start enjoying the features and benefits of it all.

With the focus on a Full Fibre future, VoIP has become increasingly popular over the years to both small and large businesses offering simplicity and flexibility for growing companies. You'll get the best VoIP experience possible with a full FTTP connection, giving you a much clearer sound, better reliability with higher speeds.

At TalkTalk Business, our experts are here to help businesses and consumers prepare for the move the VoIP. Get in touch today to find out more.

What does it mean for our Partners? 

As the connectivity landscape evolves we want to make sure that you and your customers are prepared for VoIP. Here’s what you need to know...

  New system interactions

VoIP is a new way of providing a voice service over the premise internet line, and as such new technical platforms are being built by TalkTalk Business.  This means new system interactions are necessary to understand, deliver and test end-to-end.

  New voice service

A new voice service – including install options – may need to be designed by Partners with new elements or pricing and bundles.

  Base analysis

In order to future proof product options for your customer’s needs, it is important to look at your voice base size, usage and any other requirements – such as vulnerable customer compliance - so transition paths can be agreed.


What does it mean for your customers?

 The benefits of VoIP make it a clear choice for businesses and consumers. With advantages such as cost efficiency, scalability, and flexibility, it's easy to see why VoIP is becoming increasingly popular. Here's what your customers need to know...


It is likely that new routers will be needed in the customer premise, therefore instruction for use will be different and need to be updated. 

  New install experience New CPE

With new routers come new install options which will vary from self-service to a premium fully managed setup.

  Specific customer group treatment

Some of your customers may have specific needs to be catered for, our experts can help and support with this and share best practise on designing an approach.

How we can help you

TalkTalk Business experts are at the forefront of digital voice – especially VoIP.

With VoIP, businesses and consumers are now able to make and receive voice calls using their internet connection. Our aim is to enable all our Partners to embrace fibre technologies and IP voice, helping you and your customers move from legacy voice lines and transition into the new era.

Our experts will ensure a smooth end-to-end transition for you and your customers, no matter the requirements.


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