Important Notification of Change Freeze 2020

Important Notification of Change Freeze 2020

Change Freeze 2020

The festive period is a particularly busy time for TalkTalk Business and any outages have a wider impact on customers. Therefore, we will be entering a change freeze throughout the festive period to ensure that your service remains stable and connected.

The change freeze will be in place between 16th December 2020 – 4th January 2021 and the following list of tasks will not be provisioned during this period:

  • Manual builds.
  • Change requests (including NNI moves, VLAN changes, regrades, bandwidth changes).
  • TPT installs.
  • Changes to CPE configurations or firewalls.
  • On-boarding.
  • Number porting imports. 


During the above period, changes will be prioritised according to their operational risk with the priority given to resolving any P1 incidents. Some change requests may be delayed or possibly deferred until after this period, but we hope you understand why this is necessary.


Please contact the provisioning line on 0800 5426 754 if you have any specific queries about the change freeze.