Connectivity Matters Summit 2019 special report

Connectivity Matters Summit 2019 special report

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Connectivity Matters Summit 2019 special report

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Our inaugural Connectivity Matters Summit in May 2019 was a huge success and we’d love to share our insights and innovation with our Partners in a one-off special report.

The Summit brought together leading experts in the telecommunications industry for a day of thought leadership and exploration into the channel. We discussed the new technologies shaking the industry and shared key things we've been working on with some of our trusted technology including Partners, Google, Juniper and ISG.

Don't worry if you couldn't attend the day. We've put together a special report to share with our Partners. Here are some of the things you can read about in the report:

  • Navigating the complexities of Britain's full fibre rollout
  • Self-healing networks and harnessing network telemetry data
  • Big data and churn modelling
  • Utilising Google's digital marketing insights

Acess the report here.

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Click on this link to access the Connectivity Matters Summit 2019 special report.