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Wholesale DIA

Wholesale DIA

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Great For

  • Reliable Connectivity

    Reliable Connectivity

  • Easy to set-up

    Easy to set-up

  • Business Grade SLA

    Business Grade SLA


  • By purchasing Wholesale DIA, you can reduce your businesses overheads as you don’t need to worry about implementing or buying your own Tier 3 transit. We also take care of managing your IP address allocation and management.

  • TalkTalk Business offers competitive pricing and the ability to order a Wires Only Service so you can provide your own Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

  • TalkTalk operates one of the largest and best-connected core networks in the UK, supporting up to 5Tb of simultaneous traffic from the Internet and has peering relationships with 330 global Partners. This means high efficiency, reduced latency and low packet loss compared to other providers.

  • Unlocks access to the TalkTalk network with means you can benefit from our IP infrastructure and Public and Private peering arrangements.

  • TalkTalk Business supply the IP address range in line with RIPE (the body responsible for IP addresses used across Europe) processes.

  • We have a robust domain name resolution platform which is provided through a distributed network of DNS servers. This will minimise your customers’ response times and maximise network resilience and performance.

  • Using the MyNet portal for ordering, provisioning and support enquiries, provides you with the same efficiency, speed and ease of management offered for our Wholesale Ethernet portfolio. You can take advantage of our streamlined ordering process which will reduce the average delivery lead time by 10 days.*

  • Excellent customer service and 24/7 UK-based support are offered as a standard and with competitive SLAs you can feel reassured that any issues will be fixed quickly.

*average lead time based on the current Managed DIA journey compared to the new Wholesale DIA journey.

What is Wholesale DIA?

Wholesale Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is ideal for businesses looking for reliable connectivity for their critical applications and services. With Wholesale DIA, your customers will benefit from an uncontended connection, delivering faster speeds.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) allows our Partners to directly transmit Internet Protocol (IP) traffic between a single UK site and the global Internet infrastructure, accessing the TalkTalk network through Ethernet Virtual Circuits.

Accessing the Internet through a VLAN circuit allows you to save on the costsof implementing or buying your own Tier 3 transit and managing your own addressing and infrastructure. It is a wires only service, meaning you will need to provide your own Customer Premise Equipment. 

The Details


Business Grade Customer Service and 24/7 UK Based Support.


Competitive 7-hour SLA*

*(EAD- 5-hour SLA, EFM- 6-hour SLA and EOFTTC- 7-hour SLA)


  • You’ll get the same options as your EAD, EFM or EoFTTC products in use Pricing.
  • Competitively priced, please speak to your Account Manager for more details.


  • You’ll get the same options as your EAD, EFM or EoFTTC products in use Contract.


1 or 3-year contracts available.

Lead times

Up to 10 days faster than the current Managed DIA journey (that doesn’t go through MyNet).

Interested in Wholesale DIA?

If you are interested in finding out more about Wholesale DIA, please contact your Account Manager. If you're not already a TalkTalk Business Partner, you can sign up to become one here.