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Carrier Pre-Select

Carrier Pre-Select

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A calls only service.

Great For

  • Low Cost Calls

    Low Cost Calls

  • Easy to Set-up

    Easy to Set-up

  • Cost Savings

    Cost Savings

  • Flexibility



  • TalkTalk Business reduces the barriers to market for your business

  • Flexibility in the way you build propositions with minimal up-front investment

  • Provide a fully-branded telephony service without owning or managing any network assets

  • Access to market leading rates and products, so you can grow your portfolio and generate new revenue streams

  • Our savings on line rental, plus lower call charges enable you to create compelling solutions

What is Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS)?

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) allows you to give your voice customers an alternative way of routing telephone calls at a lower cost. If you think this service could benefit you as a Partner, we can help.

Our Carrier Pre-Select services have a wide range benefits. First and foremost, you can take advantage of lower call charges and savings on line rental for your customers. This could help to boost sales and give your business a competitive edge.

This service can also help reduce the barriers to market, giving you flexibility and scope to create compelling solutions. You’ll also gain access to market leading rates and products, enabling you to expand your portfolio and generate new revenue streams.

At TalkTalk Business, switching over to Carrier Pre-Selection is quick and easy. There’s no need for new equipment, special codes or complex programming on your part and you can trust us to get you up and running in no time.