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Inbound Call Management

Inbound Call Management

An online portal that enables management of inbound numbers and call handling in real-time.

Great For

  • Multi-site Businesses

    Multi-site Businesses

  • Call Centres

    Call Centres

  • Easy to Set-up

    Easy to Set-up

  • Remote Working

    Remote Working


  • Self-serve inbound solution designed specifically for partners

  • Highly scalable – no lineage or capacity restrictions

  • No set-up or monthly rental charges for the basic features

  • Range of basic and advanced call handling features e.g. Auto-attendant, Divert plan etc

  • Can be used with most number ranges/number types

  • Rapid service set-up

  • Business grade assurance wrap

  • Minimal training required


Title Description More info
One to One One to One services enable a single translation to a UK landline or mobile number. Single translations can also be configured to route to an international destination (additional licence required).
Divert Plan Divert Plans enable calls to be routed to specific numbers based on multiple time-of-day rules with multiple open and closed hours for all days. Includes the ability to define separate routing for Bank Holidays and Special Days.
Ratio Plan Ratio Plans enable calls to be distributed to a number of targets based on a percentage of calls.
Area Plan Area Plans enable calls to be routed to a number of targets (zones) based on the caller’s Calling Line Identity (CLI). There are a number of pre-built plans which can be selected.
Virtual Receptionist Virtual Receptionist enables all inbound customer calls to be automatically answered and directed to the callers required destination. This is based on the caller listening to the menu options and selecting their preferred target via the telephone keypad.
Advanced Virtual Receptionist The Advanced Virtual Receptionist is a licence-based service option that is applied as an upgrade to the Virtual Receptionist. Once activated this replaces the standard Virtual Receptionist service option and will allow you to create a basic, advanced or bespoke IVR service.
Hunt Group Hunt Group enables all incoming calls to be answered utilising one of the options below and allows for a maximum of 10 targets.
Queue Queue enables all incoming calls to be answered and queued within the network. These are then routed to their target destination quickly and efficiently based on the configurable queue settings.
Receive Fax This enables incoming fax messages to be answered by the ICC service (as opposed to using a fax machine). Converts to a TIFF or PDF email attachment which can be sent to a multiple pre-determined email address.

What is Intelligent Call Control (ICC)?

ICC is an easy to use web application that gives the user complete control in order to manage inbound numbers and call handling services in real time.  The ICC suite of services includes single number translations, divert plans, ratio plans, area plans, hunt groups, fax to email, virtual receptionist including advanced and bespoke IVR options, scalable call queuing and call recording.  Plus with the ability to manage accounts, audios and statistical reports, ICC offers a full inbound business-in-a-box.

Services are provisioned and managed either via the browser-based application.

ICC is integrated into TTB's Next Generation Network and is the easy way for you to add a complete inbound solution to your existing portfolio.  It is a feature rich, browser-based application designed to present strong opportunities to increase revenue and achieve market standout.  ICC will also give you scope to make additional margin from selling individual features to customers.

Intelligent Call Engine (ICE) allows you to use API's to configure a bespoke solution, rather than using the online portal of ICC.

The Details

Standard Service Options

The following section details those features which made available to all service users and do not require additional licences.


This enables a caller's message or a recording of the entire telephone conversation (with call recording on) to be delivered as an attached WAV file to a specified email address.

Audio Management Service

This enables a user to record audio prompts and messages via a standard telephone handset. Users are provided with an access code and PIN for each of their ICC accounts as standard.
Partners requiring Audio Management need to contact their Account Manager or Customer Services so this option can be activated on their account.

Media Server

Media Server is a storage area where you can store call recordings and received faxes if used the fax-to-email feature. It is accessed via the ICC portal, instead of needing a separate login and this gives access to Audio Server and the fax library.

Optional Service Features

Audio Whisper

This enables the call recipient to receive a whisper prompt in their telephone earpiece just before the call is connected. The Whisper prompts are recorded via the Audio Management Service.

Dialled Number Presentation

This enables the called parties' number to be displayed to the target destination.

Mid Call Transfer

This enables calls to be transferred to any UK landline or mobile number. Calls can also be routed internationally if this feature has been activated. The Mid Call Transfer service is invoked by the answered party via the telephone keypad and subject to having been pre-configured in the service.

Call Record

This enables the call to be recorded and sent as an attached WAV file to a specified email address or the Audio Server service. The call recordings which are not emailed are available for retrieval through the Audio Server part of the Media Server feature. E-mail delivery is FOC but charges apply for the Audio Server. An additional uplift charge is applicable for all inbound calls set up with Call Recording.


Management information and near real time statistical reporting is available via the Reporting Module in ICC or Vision, TTB’s secure, password protected, portal interface that can be branded (www.vision.co.uk). Please note that both access to Vision and the branding of Vision to reflect a customer’s corporate image are separate chargeable items. Users requiring access to Vision should contact their Customer Services Advisor for access.

Call data is held for a period of 6 months and is available in csv format.


There are two distinct versions of this product – ICC & ICE. Both are fully hosted cloud-based services which require no –onsite equipment (other than a telephone) to operate.

  • ICC uses a TTB provided portal which supports the creation/configuration of a defined set of inbound products.
  • ICE is a TTB designed Web services interface that allows partners to configure and change the scripts that incoming calls will follow.