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New Homeworker Packages Available

New Homeworker Packages Available

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Homeworking’s here to stay. Business-grade connectivity is key, when it comes to ensuring maximum success.

Homeworker package from £20.95 per user per month

Level up your homeworking

Is your business ready for the new normal? Find reliable ways to ensure effective homeworking and power productivity. TalkTalk Business is supplying business solutions for homeworkers, at affordable and exclusive prices. Deploy and maintain remote ways of working effectively, with a managed, secure, and reliable business-grade connectivity package.

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Why choose a homeworking package for your employees?

  • A single contract with flexible contract terms, to suit your business needs.

  • Business SLAs and dedicated account manager with our Homeworker Enterprise package.

  • Improved security through WorkSafe®, static IPs, and optional SD-WAN.

  • Business-grade add-ons available: network monitoring, resiliency back-up and advanced security.

  • Fibre is the only connectivity option that can truly deal with the demands of business.

  • One of the largest UK networks - 99.995% reliability.

  • 24/7, 365 UK support - for your employees or IT team.

  • 'Excellent' Trustpilot rating.

Our new homeworker packages:

Benefit from business-grade support at home: even with an unmanaged package, your IT team isn’t responsible for finding or fixing faults.

Whilst this exclusive package has been designed for businesses requiring 100 lines or more, we can still help with facilitating homeworking for your workforce, please call our team on 03301 624 658 to find out more.

If you’re a small business and not eligible for this exclusive offer, don’t worry, as we can still support you and your homeworking ambitions, or simply ensure you’re getting the most from your connection – call our team on 03301 621 045 to discuss how we can help you.

Homeworker Network

100 lines or more

Homeworker Enterprise 

100 lines or more

Centrally managed

Bespoke management

Speeds up to 76MB

Speeds up to 1GB

Worksafe® network-level security as standard

Worksafe® as standard, with optional SD-WAN

1 static IP as standard (additional available for purchase).

  1-4 static IPs as standard, depending on your package.

365 UK Support

Business SLAs, a dedicated account manager, and 5 hour fix times for dedicated internet packages.

From £20.95 per user, per month.


Call 03301 624 658


Get down to the details

Tell me more about Homeworker Network

The Homeworker Network package is totally unlimited, Superfast Fibre business internet. It includes the award-winning, new Wifi hub, which guarantees optimum Fibre speeds of up to 76Mbps, a free standard new line installation and Worksafe® network-level security. The free static IP included is perfect for running fixed assets like CCTV, hosting a server or accessing your computer remotely.

Tell me more about Homeworker Enterprise

Homeworker Enterprise lets you create a bespoke service, with access to the best available connectivity for your geographic area. Including: 

Superfast Fibre: Totally unlimited Superfast Fibre with an award-winning WiFi hub, which guarantees optimum speeds up to 76Mbps, free standard new line installation and Worksafe® security. 

EoFTTC: Superfast entry-level Ethernet, with reserved bandwidth exclusively for your connection, ensuring consistent speeds of up to 20Mbps, an additional downstream boost of up to 76Mbps, and up to 4 static IPs. You’ll also get a dedicated account manager, and business-grade SLAs. 

EAD: Ultrafast Fibre Ethernet, which is scalable to match your business growth. Dedicated and reserved bandwidth, all for you, all the time. Ultrafast speeds up to 1Gb, up to 4 static IPs, a dedicated account manager, and business-grade SLAs.

What does a managed package involve?

Homeworker Network is a centrally managed package, with all networks and assets managed by TalkTalk Business. It’s the simple and perfect homeworking solution, whether you’re a SME, or a large enterprise looking to effectively manage your workforce. 

You’ll enjoy the benefits of productivity, security, resiliency and the potential cost consolidation that comes with business-grade internet at home. 

Our experienced team can manage the whole service (install, billing, service, equipment etc.), or manage elements of the service, along with you or your IT team. 

But, should issues occur on individual lines, we’ll speak to the affected employee directly, so you don’t need to get involved. 

You’ll still receive one contract and one bill, to keep things simple.

What does an unmanaged package involve?

Homeworker Enterprise offers the option of unmanaged packages, so your own IT team can handle the service, and alert us to any issues or tech faults that need resolving. 

We can work with you to agree on your semi-managed service. You manage the elements you want to, and we can support the rest, plus provide tailored hardware requirements or service wraps.

How quickly can I have it?

We understand that time is of the essence, so our team we’ll get you up and running ASAP. 

For Homeworker Enterprise, each line will require an engineer visit. For EoFTTC, we’ll turn this around in 10 - 30 days. 

If you go with the top flight, EAD option, the average lead time is between 30-90 working days, depending on complexity.

How long does the contract last?

We can offer flexible contract lengths, depending on your business requirements and the package you take.

Small Business or require fewer than 100 lines?

If you are a small or medium-sized business, requiring fewer than 100 lines, then please contact our experienced team on 03301 621 045, who will be able to advise on how we can support you.

Power up your workforce’s productivity

There’s no point installing all the software to increase working productivity if you fuel it with subpar connectivity. Residential Vs business internet. There’s a big difference. Working from home demands more. 

  • Stay on the up, up, up time
  • Rapid fault detection and resolution
  • 365-UK support, 'Excellent' Trustpilot rating and business-grade SLAs
  • Act on opportunities as they arise, don’t let connectivity hold you back

Work securely, wherever you are

Working from home shouldn’t mean risk. Scammers are already attempting to access sensitive information by catching people off guard. Don’t leave your business vulnerable.

  • Connect more safely, with dedicated network options, accessed solely by your business
  • Deploy centralised security across a distributed workforce
  • Be sure of the devices you’re serving with static IPs
  • Protect critical connectivity infrastructure with Worksafe® or advanced network-level security

Make homeworking pay its way

With the changing climate creating new financial pressures, businesses must find new ways to consolidate spend. By fully committing to homeworking, you can create opportunities to cut costs elsewhere.

  • Consider reducing office space by powering home workforce productivity
  • Treat the cost as OpEx, a benefit in kind, or an employee contribution scheme
  • Effective implementation of homeworking policies and the right technology, can lead to greater productivity amongst employees and done correctly it can improve staff happiness and therefore retention – a real win, win

Why TalkTalk Business

We’ve got over 20 years’ experience supporting organisations of all sizes. We continually build on this legacy by finding new ways to level the playing field for UK businesses. 

Our latest mission will provide fibre to every organisation in Britain, even when you’re working from home.

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We’re finalists in the UK Complaint Handling Awards 2022!

At TalkTalk Business, we’re committed to delivering for our customers, and we’ve been doing so for over 25 years. For us, the customer experience is paramount and that’s why we’re delighted to have been named finalists in the UK Complaint Handling Awards 2022!