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Dedicated internet access - EFM

Dedicated internet access - EFM

What is Cloud-ready Ethernet First Mile (EFM)?

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is an affordable way to achieve greater, guaranteed symmetric bandwidth than is available using broadband, whilst maintaining an Ethernet handover interface.

Thanks to having identical upload and download speeds (up to 10 or 20 Mbps), EFM can support VoIP and hosted solutions.

The service is delivered using multiple standard copper telephone lines either in a bundle of 2 or 4 lines to build a single service. The technology used is SDSL rather and ADSL to provide a symmetric service. A 2 pair may run up to 10Mb and a 4 pair may run up to 20Mb depending on the length of the copper. An on-site box then ‘bonds’ these multiple SDSL services into a single Ethernet service making it easier for you, the customer. The box will handle line failures to maintain uptime should one of the copper lines fail but it leads to a degradation of service.

Ethernet First Mile is ideal for both Cloud-ready Internet Access and Private Network internet and MPLS services. Often chosen for its speedy transfers of large data files as well as running simultaneous applications like SIP, video conferencing and real-time business applications.


Speed Delivery Price
Up to 10Mbps Delivered over 2 copper pairs. If one pair fails you’ll still be connected but with less bandwidth. £165 a month
Up to 20Mbps Delivered over 4 copper pairs. If one, two or three pairs fail you'll still be connected but with less bandwidth. £195 a month

EFM Benefits

  • Fix time SLA of 7 hours.

  • 99.995% network reliability.

  • 24/7 UK based support team.

  • Largest EFM network in the UK.

  • Consistent service if a component line fails.

  • Fixed monthly costs - so no surprises.

  • Supports VoIP and hosted solutions.

  • Provides symmetric bandwidth.

  • Available on 1 or 3 year contracts.

  • Priority over residential traffic.

  • Ideal if Excess Construction Charges (ECCs) or complex wayleaves are needed for fibre products.

  • Great for Cloud-ready internet and private services at targeted sites with lower bandwidth needs.

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EFM Details

Bandwidth & Performance


  • Available as a symmetric service up to 10Mb or 20Mb depending on length, quality and number of copper lines used.

Our Technology

  • TalkTalk Business delivers EFM across our all-IP Next Generation Network which covers more than 95% of the UK.
  • Faster speeds than Broadband without having to move to full fibre Ethernet.
  • Supports both Cloud-ready internet and private network services, MPLS, Next Generation Voice, cloud-based services, streaming and broadcasting

Network Capabilities

  • We deliver fast and symmetrical speeds with superior reliability and performance consistency that's achievable only on an uncontended line.
  • Delivers the speeds and resilience to support VoIP and hosted solutions.


  • EFM has a degree of inherent resilience but if your business requires greater uptime, we can also offer secondary circuits.

SLAs & Support Service


  • We offer an enhanced 7 hour fast fault fixing SLA for EFM that's backed by service credits.


  • We understand that you need to be online for your customers and employees. We’re here to ensure you are always connected with our 24x7 UK based business experts.

Joining Process

Lead Times

  • Installation is up to 45 or 90 days depending on circumstances.

Installation Support

  • We will assign an account manager (desk based or field) who will be your first point of call into TalkTalk Business.
  • For an additional cost, we can also provide a service manager who will give regular performance reviews of your Cloud-Ready Private Network.
  • Enhanced delivery includes a Project Manager who will oversee the end to end process at an additional cost.
  • We fully manage all practical aspects at your premises, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day business.
  • Ethernet is fully go-live tested during the installation process.


From £165 a month

We can offer low cost EFM to more locations than other providers due to:

  • Having a simple, two-point pricing structure making financial planning easy.
  • No distance or usage charges.
  • Widescale availability on the largest EFM network in the UK.


Ethernet in the First Mile is available on 1 or 3 year contracts.

Easy to do Business With

Whether you’re looking for a simple package or a managed solution, we make the process hassle-free from joining to using to changing. With over 600 dedicated UK-based business specialists, you’ll find the help you need.

See how TalkTalk Business being 'Easy to Deal With' is critical to Fuller's pubs.

Why TalkTalk Business

60% More Ethernet Exchanges vs BT
95% UK Coverage
7 Hour Fast Fix Time SLA
99.995% Network Reliability
More Points of Presence than Other Provider
90% First Call Resolution & 24/7 UK Support

BAM Nuttall Case Study

Bam Nuttall

"In order to achieve our goals for the business and our customers, we had to explore the capabilities of alternate ISPs. TalkTalk Business stood out from the start. Not only could they deliver the performance levels we sought, but they guaranteed a fantastic proposition and service wrap. They’ve been excellent from the outset and are developing into a trusted partner to our business."

TalkTalk Business stood out from the start
Asset and Deployment Manager

Fuller's Case Study

Fullers Logo

"The service we've received since we moved over to TalkTalk Business means we’re able to get in touch with the right people when we need them. Our helpdesk support manager deals directly with the network and telecoms team, and I can also contact our dedicated account manager."

We're able to get in touch with the right people when we need them
Oliver Boardman, ICT Manager
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Want to Switch To Us But Can't?

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